Next week’s menu

Gourmet Style Fresh Meals Delivered Daily In Central Auckland

Next Week’s Freshly Cooked Food Menu

Village Kitchen delivers delicious, freshly-made, ready to heat dinners every weeknight. Our range of ready-made meals are jam-packed full of flavours, using high quality ingredients just like a great home-cooked meal, except we’ve done all the hard work. Just heat, and enjoy. And no dishes to speak of!

We have designed our pre-prepared meal delivery service for specifically for busy people who need the convenience of ready cooked meals, but don’t want to compromise on flavour or freshness.

Take a look at next week’s menu below, then simply subscribe for a recurring meal plan, or place a casual order to suit your changing weekly needs by 4.00pm Sunday.

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(orders for these meals must be in by 4.00pm Sunday).

Pricing: All of our meals are priced per portion. A single portion costs $19.90; a double portion $37.80. There is no extra charge for paleo or gluten free portions. We have a flat rate of $3.00 per delivery within zone.

Next week's menu

Monday - 26 February

Thai beef salad with homemade sweet chilli dressing & peanut noodles (GF)

Stirfried tofu, red capsicum, carrot, mushroom, homemade sweet chilli dressing & peanut noodles

Daikon and parsnip noodles in place of rice noodles.

Ingredient summary - regular meal

  • beef rump
  • rice noodles (gf)
  • fresh herbs & vegetables (contains coriander)
  • seasoning, spices, oil, fish sauce
  • ginger, garlic, tamari, lime juice, honey

Tuesday - 27 February

Moroccan lamb, herby green grape couscous & seedy kale salad

Moroccan pumpkin & chickpea stew

Seasonal paleo couscous replacement

Ingredient summary - regular meal

  • lamb
  • couscous
  • fresh vegetables & herbs (contains coriander)
  • oil, seasoning, spices, vinegar, honey
  • nuts, seeds, dried fruit (dates)
  • garlic, tahini

Wednesday - 28 February

Free range pork belly with crackling, roasted carrot salad, braised red cabbage and apple sauce (GF)

Ricotta-stuffed kumara halves, roasted carrot salad, braised red cabbage & apple sauce

Same as regular meal

Ingredient summary - regular meal

  • free range pork belly
  • fresh vegetables, garlic
  • herbs, spices, oil, seasoning
  • currants
  • apple
  • honey
  • vinegar

Thursday - 1 March

Free range Spanish chicken, sweet potato mash, leafy green salad (GF)

Seasonal caponata with halloumi.

Same as regular meal.

Ingredient summary - regular meal

  • free range chicken, boneless
  • fresh herbs and vegetables
  • tomato, onion, garlic, olives
  • herbs, seasoning, spices, wine
  • vinaigrette (garlic, oil, vinegar, citrus)
  • honey

Friday - 2 March

Homestyle smoked fish pie, creamy mashed potato topping, super greens & lemon oil (GF)

Broccoli & cauliflower cheese

Today’s meal contains is naturally gluten free, but will not come in a paleo version (ie gluten-friendly, not paleo-friendly).


  • smoked kahawai
  • dairy products (cheese, milk, butter)
  • cornflour
  • fresh vegetables & herbs
  • dressing (oil, vinegar, citrus)

Orders for this week 19-23 February are now closed. This week we are delivering:

Monday - 19 Feb

Thai red chicken curry with steamed jasmine rice and panfried greens (GF)

Tuesday - 20 Feb

Slow roasted lamb & gravy, buttery mash, green pea, mint & snow pea salad, minty yoghurt dressing (GF)

Wednesday - 21 Feb

Beef cheek ragu, parsnip puree, red onion, spinach, walnut & feta salad (GF)

Thursday - 22 Feb

Free range chicken pot pie, smashed herby pumpkin, green garden salad & homemade vinaigrette

Friday - 23 Feb

Crumbed panfried fish, handcut triple cooked chips, rainbow salad, homemade tomato relish, aioli

Consciously sourced ingredients (free range etc) for healthy, delicious meals. Rebecca and her team are gems … working hard all day in the kitchen so we don’t have to! Love our delicious meals, best $ I’ve spent, affording me precious time that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Give VK a go, you won’t regret it!


Fabulous meals and service to boot…thanks for the experience…will be coming again.


I think you do a great job. I used to be a very loyal supporter of My Food Bag, but now I am working nearly full time, I struggle with all the prep that has to happen after school in between after school activities. I love that your meals arrive ready to pop into the oven and you are so consistent with your delivery times. I also love that your meals are nutritionally great – I see the extra veggies sneaked in there, but the kids either don’t notice or think it’s yummy anyway.


We enjoyed all last week’s dinners, it’s a fabulous help to me, not only dreaming up what to have, preparation, all the shopping, but also the guilt of firing out the old veggies etc. from the fridge!!!!


Ten gold stars for Wednesday and Thursday’s dinners last week. Melt in your mouth pork, tasty kumara and lots of greens!! Tasty lamb and mash and great greens!! Husband very pleased.


We also love your frozen meals – I normally try to ensure we have a couple in the freezer for those occasions when you just run out of time or can’t be bothered to cook


Village Kitchen has truly changed our lives, and in particular our evenings which are now stress-free and nutritious! As a busy family with parents both working full time and busy teenagers with school and sport it has made a huge difference to our lives, so thank you! The variety you serve is beyond what we could even imagine doing ourselves, and the fact you do paleo meals was the X factor that brought us to you.