I get that variety’s a little tricky to come by just at the moment, but in this climate it’s the little things… like tweaks to our menu!

Now that we have a week or 2 of production under our belt, we’ll be bringing in more of your favourite dishes. Though you’ve adored the current menu (seeing the sheer numbers going out), we’ll see if we can switch things up a little every week or so. We wouldn’t want to get into a rut or anything! Lockdown joke. Poor taste, I’m sorry.

Tomorrow we’ll get a batch of chilli con carne on the go, and this will be ready for delivery on Friday. Others coming!

Please tell me though, what has been your favourite meal so far? We love to see what you’re enjoying, so do send through any meal pics that we can share over on the Facebook page. Also any baking masterpieces you’ve created from our Baking Pack. 

Remember that Tuesday (tomorrow) is our first delivery for this week, so please remember to get your orders in before midnight tonight. Next delivery is Friday.

Delivery instructions: please add these when placing your order. Our drivers are pretty amazing but not mind-readers. And they have a busy route to complete. Please help them out as much as you can.

We have loads of flour, sugar, eggs & butter available; add a VK Baking Pack to any meal order and that’s smoko sorted for the week.  

Keep sending your feedback, any meals you’d love to see, any questions or suggestions. 

Stay safe, stay nourished. See you soon (I hope!).