Introducing VK Dinner Club bundles! We’ve selected your favourite meals and bundled them into 3 different packs for convenience and variety.

TAKE ME AWAY out of lockdown and around the world. (At least for dinner.)

MIX IT UP with a good old selection of your faves. Cheesy gourmet mac & cheese anyone?

WARM ME UP with mildly spicy authentic VK favourites. Loved by kids and adults alike. 

Best of all, you save 10% on what you’d normally pay by ordering these meals individually. It’s a no-brainer 🙂

And more exciting news… We are going nationwide with delivery! Right now we’re updating our website and systems, so please if you are outside of our current zone, just drop us a line & we’ll sort your order for you. We’ll be a day behind next week due to Monday’s Anzac holiday, so first out-of-Auckland deliveries will be at your door on Wednesday. And yes, South Island included!

Show friends and family across the country some love by sending a delivery of our nourishing, delicious Gourmet Frozens. I will be!

Spread the word! Order online at now.