Ahhh it’s late! But here’s my promised blog.

Things are moving at breakneck speed. The scale of today has not before been seen in terms of our daily kitchen output.

Collectively we are nervous & anxious & unsure. The uncertainty of what the changes to come will look like & mean for ourselves & our families. What does Lockdown really mean?

As a provider of delivered meals, Village Kitchen is an ‘Essential Business’. We are very fortunate to be able to pivot very quickly to respond to this unprecedented explosion of demand we are seeing. Our little team has not fled in fear, rather unified. There is a need, we can service it, and we’re determined to do so.

I will try to keep this brief (re-reading, it’s anything but brief! But please bear with me :)).

Please read on to find out about the significant changes we are making to our business as of Wednesday 25 March.

Demand for food for the family has blown up. We need to expand exponentially in order to manage where we currently find ourselves. We have an obligation to get dinners to the maximum number of families we possibly can, and this means that to meet the unprecedented needs of our Auckland community, we simply cannot continue with orders below the 4 serve threshold.

So we have pivoted. We’re moving to a different meal format that we know we can support & scale, to supply as many of you as we possibly can.

  • Tomorrow, Tues 24 March, is our last day of Gourmet Fresh Meal deliveries before moving to our new meal offering.
  • All additional products available til now on the website have been paused (including Family Favourites, Kids Meals, Lunch & Snackboxes, Drinks, Flowers, Gift Vouchers). 
  • Frozen meals & Isolation Packs are go this week, while stocks last.
  • Changes to our website will occur over the next couple of days; some items have already been removed. 

Our new offering, an Isolation Menu (if you want to call it that!):

Freezable: a menu of 4 standard meals, which will be delivered to you fresh to be eaten within 3 days or to pop into freezer immediately.*

Beef lasagne (assembly required), macaroni cheese (v), cottage pie (gf), ratatouille bake w kumara smash (v) (gf)


Fridgeable: 2 standard meals, made fresh, designed to be eaten immediately or within 3 days.

Menu TBC.


So, 6 meals each week that we encourage you to order in bulk, or combine your order with a neighbour for a single drop delivery (and halve the $4 delivery fee). These meals will be available to order throughout the week, a bit like our current frozen meal format. 

Some of these meals may require some assembly on your part from home. Simple instructions that anyone can follow. The hard part done by us, the last minute assembly completed by you. A cooked meal kit, we could call it. Get the kiddies onto it!

*Your Fresh to Freezable/Fresh to Fridgeable meals may arrive to you already frozen. Simply defrost, place in preheated oven for 10-15 minutes, and enjoy.

Meals are designed to serve 4, but in case of fewer household members, simply cut in half/quarters and freeze, or enjoy for lunch or dinner the following day. Scaling up meal size is an important feature of our pivoted offering.


The reality is, we are constrained by the sheer number of homes we can physically deliver to. Therefore, we’re looking at reducing our daily delivery service to 3 days per week. Or maybe we focus on a different area each day. More to come. To help with this, we are opening a Click & Collect, contactless pick up service from our premises in Patiki Road, Avondale. You would text once outside (a wide open space with plenty of parking), we would bring your order out & leave outside your closed car door. Watch this space for website functionality & further details here. (Did I mention there’ll be a bit of learning as we go/winging it in coming days?)


To summarise, we’ve literally reorientated overnight in order to support the extreme situation we find ourselves in. Our committed team is doing a huge job in supporting me, which means together we can all support you. Together is better, we’re here, and we will provide.

All orders preordered this week already, don’t worry. I’m making my way through you all, and will have either a swap-out option, store credit or refund option available for you. I really appreciate your patience right now – it’s very unlike me to take so long to respond! But I’m getting there. 

Please email your questions to [email protected] & we will do our best to get back to you very quickly.


Remember: Tomorrow’s fresh gourmet meals will be delivered. As of Wednesday, fresh gourmet meals are on hold for the foreseeable future. 

Double confirming, I will be in touch with everyone with outstanding fresh meal orders this week from Wednesday & beyond, asap.

Isolation Packs – yes absolutely, while stocks last, as we complete the evolution to our new Isolation Menu! (Terrible names! But you get the idea!)

What have I missed..! Plenty probably. But I’ll be updating soon. Tomorrow. Thank you so much for your patience & I have to let you know I’m getting huge comfort from the solidarity of so many in recent days. We’re going to do our best to get beautiful, handmade, Village Kitchen food to you for as long as you continue to need it. Slightly different format, same heart, same philosophy. 

Thank you so much for your incredible loyalty & custom, and support. 

I will be in touch again v soon.