Absolutely surreal, isn’t it?

No-one really knows what the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic looks like, but we know that many, many businesses, employers & employees (also likely friends, family & loved ones) will be enormously affected. It’s natural to be worried from a professional perspective: how can we minimise impact? And at a personal level: what can I do to make sure my family is safe, and community too?

We hear the advice & see live updates as they come in. This is not a time for complacency, nor is it a time for panic. (3 years’ supply of loo-roll anyone?) It’s a really great time to stay calm for the sake of our loved ones & dependents, but to also look at our supplies and yes, top-up the emergency stocks. Natural disasters can occur at any time, and it’s a great idea to have a survival pack that also contains enough food & water for 3 days. Getthru.govt.nz has a great online checklist.

We’ve added Isolation Packs to our offering – a selection of 12 frozen meals & 2 lengths of homemade sweet slice (either GF brownie or ginger crunch). These may be of use to you or loved ones/neighbours. 

Aside from that, we must continue to wash our hands thoroughly (here’s a fantastic, simple demonstration on the effectiveness of washing hands with soap) by one of my kids’ faves, Nanogirl; try to avoid touching your face, shaking hands & cheek kisses; stay home when feeling unwell, and check in on neighbours & community members to ensure no-one is left alone, vulnerable & scared.

Closer to home, our business Village Kitchen & you, our incredible customers are equally front & centre. We’ve certainly seen a spike in the number of frozen meals you are tacking onto your regular fresh meal orders, which is great. Using our online ordering & daily delivery service can mean avoiding the supermarket altogether. 

Conversation in the kitchen is heavily dominated by current events.

Staff are keenly aware of hygiene & food safety practices (nothing new here). Hands are washed & dried according to strict guidelines regularly, gloves used in all food prep, protective hair-covering worn, benches scrubbed with hot soapy water then sanitized immediately after throughout the working day; clean uniforms every day. You get the picture. Our vigilance around kitchen & personal hygiene practices means we (and you) can sleep easy.

Please, if you have any questions around how we might be able to help you, or a loved one, or anything you’d like to discuss re any of the above, do get in touch. 

Important we come together as a community, and I’m a big fan of communication in trying times, so just drop us a line!

Love to hear any comments you might feel like contributing.

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca & team