On Monday, we were clear that all restaurants & takeaways must close at time of lockdown. We are neither, providing what we believed to be an essential service. We are supplying self-isolators & regular customers, and taking the pressure off other essential services in doing so. 

We are providing frozen meals to those in isolation, the elderly, incapacitated, those who live alone, and so many more.

Last night, there was a flurry of movement around what an essential service is (pre-cooked food is now deemed to be OUT), throwing many of us into panic. Like so many others, we find ourselves in an impossible situation, hence our pivot to frozen meals.

Last night I cancelled all bulk supplier orders, anticipating closure.

Then I received an email from MPI urgently requesting I fill out an URGENT: COVID-19 – Mandatory registration for operating businesses form. Supplemented with this document:

I registered immediately and am waiting on an urgent response. I have also requested an official letter to put all of your minds at ease. It’s a worrying time, I absolutely understand.  

This morning I finally got through to the govt Covid-19 helpline. They are now clear on precooked fresh foodthis is OUT. They are very unclear on FROZEN precooked food. I was referred to a manager, who did not know what to tell me. They are all confused just like we are; just yesterday they were advising all that The Warehouse was staying open. As of last night that is not the case.

The govt Covid-19 helpline referred me to MPI, with whom we our Food Control plan is registered. 

MPI has advised they will be in touch as soon as they possibly can.

In the meantime:

All frozen meal orders already placed for delivery between today and Friday, will be delivered today.

We have sold out of all frozens meals except Beef Lasagne & Mac & Cheese, of which we are well stocked. These we would like to get out to as many of you as we can TODAY.

The website is overloaded & having issues – please email me [email protected] if you would like an urgent frozen meal delivery today. We MUST have your order by 1pm at the latest & we will sort the payment/logistics later.

All of you who had fresh meal orders from today-Friday, please please be patient as I work through the urgent things first. It may take a couple of days to get your store credit/refund issued. 

And lastly thank you for your amazing kindness and support in this very uncertain time.

I’ll be in touch as soon as I have news.