Me again! 

We’ve managed to get the basis of our new offering, our Isolation Menu, up live on the website. Also Isolation Packs & frozen meals, while stocks last. All other items now removed. 

Also, MILK! We have 45x 2l bottles of blue top milk with an expiry date of 3 April available. Please click here if you would like to order some. (Milk can be frozen.)

Please note, our smoked fish pie has had to be removed from the frozen menu due to labour intensiveness. We have approx 12 left in stock; once these have gone they’re gone. We’ll let you know if we need to replace your smoked fish pie with something else.

You may receive your frozen meals/Isolation Packs part- or unfrozen. This due to the sheer amount we’re producing & sending out each day. Simply no time to freeze. Either consume within 3 days, or pop straight into your freezer if this is the case.

This week we’re delivering daily til Friday, before next week beginning our new 3x weekly delivery schedule. Mon, Weds & Friday. 

The kitchen the past few days has produced more meals in bulk than I’ve seen. We are stocked, and stocking up. We are furiously handwashing, sanitizing & keeping apart as best we can. Keeping supplier delivery drivers at a distance, monitoring our little team & following advice.

Please may I ask you to place your orders online where possible. The sheer number of emails to work through could mean you don’t hear back from me for a wee while. We’re doing our best, and promise have not dropped off the face of the earth! If the website is playing up, please either send a text 0212068573 or email – [email protected] .

I will continue to communicate as much as possible throughout this next strange period of all of our lives. As ever, community, kindness & the goodness of people (you amazing ones who’ve come forward personally to offer help to me – I am truly grateful). And all of you supporting us throughout.

Thank you! And kia kaha. We will be okay.