Day 4 of our lockdown. I hope you are beginning to settle into what will be our new normal for some time to come.

My apologies for the radio silence this end and I thank you for the enquiries & kind messages we have received in recent days.

To all of our customers at this time, our essential service of the provision of delivered frozen meals, with the addition of basic home supplies will continue. I am in regular contact with both MPI & MBIE, who I know are doing their best. We have been advised as an essential service to continue operating (with health protocols in place) until letters of confirmation have been formalised; we expect ours to arrive imminently.

There has been uncertainty & ambiguity, coupled with moral & social responsibility. Village Kitchen supplies food to the elderly, those living alone, incapacitated, health workers & many others. Immune-compromised who can’t risk a trip to the supermarket. Care packages on behalf of family & friends. A 90 year old customer rang me in a panic a couple of nights ago, with no food in her house. I was able to sort. 

Tomorrow we begin production on our new Gourmet Frozen meals, available for everyone within zone.

We’ve selected 5 of your favourite meals. We’ll braise these down & send out in frozen 500g vacuum packed units, accompanying dried starch included. Each 500g pack + starch = $24.99. 

500g + starch will yield approx 2-3 portions. To minimise delivery pressure, we’ve put in place a minimum order quantity of 2x 500g packets per order. 

We’ll also be looking to add common whole-food packaged items that are often difficult to find at the supermarket in these times (flour, sugar, milk). One less visitor to the supermarket is a good thing; and we know we can save hundreds of people the trip. Reducing strain & minimising contact. 

These household goods will be loaded to the website in the next day or 2. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like us to supply. We’re fortunate to have direct access to bulk goods via contactless delivery (see protocols below) and would like to assist you in any way possible.

Delivery remains at a flat daily rate of $4.00, therefore as always it makes sense to get as much into your order as you can. We’ll deliver 2x per week. Our first contactless delivery this week will be this Thurs 2 April. Beyond that we’ll likely do Tuesday & Friday deliveries. TBC.

For those of you with a big family/ lots of mouths to feed: 

We have available limited frozen vac-packed 3kg packets of beef bolognese mix (approx 15 portions per pack). These will come with 1kg of dried spaghetti. You can also top with your own mashed potato & make into a big cottage pie/ lasagne, whatever you like. While stocks last. 

For complete transparency – this is an important to me as it will be to you – here is how we plan to minimise contact & operate safely over this period:

Village Kitchen Health & Safety protocol & procedures during Covid-19 Lockdown

  • Supplier delivery drivers must deliver goods wearing gloves.
  • Goods must be left outside the rear entrance to the premises. Supplier delivery drivers will not be permitted to enter the kitchen.
  • No face to face contact will be permitted during this time.
  • All goods received will be immediately unpacked/decanted outside of premises; delivery boxes/cartons will be disposed of immediately. These may not be brought inside the kitchen.


  • Skeleton team of maximum 3 kitchen staff onsite at any time.
  • Staff must wash hands thoroughly & wear gloves at all times. Wash & replace gloves regularly throughout the day.
  • Staff must record body temperature & fill out general health form upon entry each day.
  • VK delivery driver (skeleton team of max 2): will not be permitted to enter kitchen. Driver’s deliveries for the day will be prepacked & placed into a box outside rear entry to kitchen. Driver will wear gloves at all times, replacing as necessary after each delivery. Driver will endeavour to not touch any surfaces throughout delivery run. Driver will hand sanitise & change gloves throughout delivery run.
  • Driver will avoid all face to face contact when making deliveries, instead using text message if necessary to communicate to customer that delivery has been made.


  • Maximum of 3 staff members in the kitchen at all times.
  • Hands washed & dried thoroughly upon entry, and regularly throughout the day.
  • Clear markings made identifying each staff member’s area, minimum 2m apart. Staff will stay in their designated area at all times where possible. Where not (ie accessing the chiller), staff will remain at least 2m apart from each other.
  • All kitchen equipment sterilised at recommended hot water temperatures throughout the day.
  • Personal protective equipment to be worn/used AT ALL TIMES. Replaced regularly throughout the day.
  • Handles, containers, surfaces to be sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • Doors to shared use areas (ie bathroom) will be left open where possible.