You know we do fresh nourishing daily delivered meals, but have you seen our frozen meals yet?

We’ve designed this range of classics for times when perhaps a fresh meal might not work as well, and it’s so lovely to see the sheer number of you buying & sending these as gifts to friends or family in need, or just to let you know you’re thinking of them.









Hearty & delicious to suit all palates, these meals are great to have on hand. Perfect for weekends, bach visits, holidays or gifts. You can never have too many in the freezer, trust me!

Looking for something to nourish an elderly parent or relative? Our daily delivered frozen meals come with simple heating instructions suitable for oven or microwave.

All made in small batches on a regular basis in our very own production kitchen, so you can be sure of freshness, flavour & quality.

Choose from:

Beef lasagne

Vegetarian lasagne

Smoked fish pie

Mac & cheese

Cottage pie

All just $19, and will feed 2 adults with your own side (optional), or 4-6 littlies.

Frozen meals delivered in Auckland or nationwide? Visit, or call us to find out more!