Gourmet hamper packs! Pheeeeeww these have been in the making a wee while now so it is really thrilling to have them live and available for you to have delivered to your door. 

We know that occasionally towards the end of the week things call for a little more flexibility – and even though Village Kitchen fresh delivered dinners are good in the fridge til the next day (or even the day after – so great having dinner waiting in there!), sometimes we feel like going casual on a Friday night, and this is what our Over the Moon Cheese Platter Pack is designed for. A casual Friday night with friends or neighbours (or just yourself), everything you need to enjoy alongside a crisp glass of chard. 🙂

Or bump it up to the deluxe version: the Village Kitchen Gourmet Platter Pack – droooool! Includes delights such as Aoraki cold smoked salmon, L’Authentique parfaits, Bonnie Oat crackers, artisan loaf, handmade deluxe chocolates & more.

Heading away to the bach on Friday night? Grab our Bach Pack & arrive at your weekend with everything you need for your first night away – without having to mission to find a supermarket or store open/nearby.

So, Village Kitchen is sorting your weeknight dinners? Avoid the supermarket altogether & have one of our Breakfast packs delivered on Friday night (choose from The Essentials or The Works. Matakana Nitrate-Free bacon, beautiful free range eggs, Daily Bread loaf & a whole host of extras, depending on what you feel like!).

So there you got it! Everything you need for any occasion, and your entire week covered. 

Please note, we carefully pack your Gourmet Platter goodies into a Village Kitchen cooler bag, ready for you to unpack & throw onto your board or platter, or fry pan of choice. Use when you need, rather than worrying about having to gobble all at once. 

Our thanks to chef.photography for another super professional & super classy photo shoot!

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