Village Kitchen’s portion sizes are based on national government guidelines, of 130g protein, 150g starch & half a plate full of greens/salad/veg. Everything in your freshly cooked & delivered daily heat & eat dinner is made by us in our production kitchen, free from refined sugars. Our meals are deliberately wholesome, nourishing and made with real ingredients.

This week we introduce half sizes! For kids with excellent palates, your elderly aunt, the tweens, tomorrow’s work lunch, or if you’re just feeling extra hungry, as long as there is a single or double portion in your order, half sizes can be added for just $12.00.

Forget having to sort this week’s lunch – tack on a half size & sort not only dinner, but your healthy nourishing lunch too! 

Stayed tuned for additional extras & add-ons, coming very soon to your fresh Village Kitchen offering.

Let me know if you have any questions around our portion sizes or ingredients.

Til the next blog,

Rebecca 🙂