We are launching…  

This has been some time in the making, let me tell you. We know you’ve been wanting them.

It’s all very well having your own VK dinner delivered, but a little painful still having to get into the kitchen each evening trying to please the fussiest palates in the family (speaking for self here).

Here’s how it works: each week we’ll have a selection (we’re kicking off with 2, but will build this up) of delicious, nourishing kids’ meals. You select the Kids Meals you’d like, add them to your cart, we cook to order, and that’s it! Our lovely friendly delivery drivers will bring them to you fresh, on the day you’ve chosen. 

Now from past experience we know that in terms of food, ‘kids’ is a broad term. Are they toddlers? Are they tweens? Teenagers? Do they eat like a horse or a sparrow?

So to try to clarify, and obviously without knowing the individual palate preferences & appetites of every ‘child’ in Auckland*, these dinners will be approx 250-300g in weight. They’re aimed at the 10 & under age group, but this isn’t to say your 12 year old will not love them too (*see above).

If your child has more sophisticated taste buds, I’d recommend ordering a half size of our standard daily meal via the regular Order page.

I’m open for questions right now, so fire them through! Also, as with anything new I feel certain there might be something we’ve overlooked, but our web guys have done a sterling job in setting up all the back stuff & we’ve tested extensively. That said, please let me know if something is awry & we will fix it!