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We get so many questions about who we are and what we do, requests for recipes & general interest, so we thought it was high time we started letting you in on life behind the scenes at Village Kitchen.

But first a recap:

I’m Rebecca. Village Kitchen is my baby. Launched by me in the middle of 2015 off the back of a solid 4 years of newborn, toddler & pre-schooler-hood, coeliac disease & ulcerative colitis in a state of constant flare, zero energy, a husband who travelled a lot for work, tiny children needing every bit of me (I mentioned that?), no family in Auckland, and nothing for dinner!

These days were hazy…

3 children under 4 – eek! (I adore them.)

I convinced my incredible foodie mother to move from Taupo to Auckland to help me, found Jeremy Schmid of The Officers Mess & sublet his kitchen, did a local flyer & tea-towel drop, and we started cooking. We had 3 orders on our first day of business – such a thrill! Within 3 months were up to 60-70, and before long sending out over 100 meals each day. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, and we were filling a real need for so many people.

My mother Penny moved to Auckland to help me – thank goodness!

4 years later & we have been in our own production kitchen coming up 12 months, acquired a small café & doing hundreds of daily meals for big name film studios, as well of course as our fresh daily chef-made (Mum has retired & now we have top-notch trained professional chefs!), home & office delivered meals across Auckland. We have systems & processes and I am not cooking or delivering like the early days. We have an incredible team of staff, 2 groovy vans & the most wonderful, loyal customer base. Many still with us from our very first days (and one still from our very first day!). How’s that for consistent quality/ amazing customers!

Pinch me moment

I rarely take the time to pause & reflect, but it is amazing to think how far we have come & what we’re now taking on. Funnily enough it still feels like we’re still at the beginning of this adventure – the possibilities really are endless.

So, there’s an abridged attempt at a recap, bringing this very first blog post to a close. Stay tuned. (I love to write!)

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