Delicious meals for busy lives

Delivering fresh, ready-to-eat meals to your door each day. Eat well, and let us free up your precious time.


Who's at your dinner table this week? Feed just yourself or the whole tribe by adding serves from our selection below, then customise using our dietary options to create your delicious dinner subscription.


One Serve

Cooking for one can be tricky. Our ONE SERVE is designed to solve that dilemma by feeding you the delicious meal you want to eat every weeknight. Our ONE SERVE = 1 adult recommended portion.


Two Serve

Our TWO SERVE is great for a busy couple, or use multiple TWO SERVEs when building dinner for your tribe. Feed the masses simply with the TWO SERVE. Our TWO SERVE = 2 adult recommended portions.


Kid Serve

Our KID SERVE is a herb-free, spice-free version of the day’s regular meal. This serve is deliciously simple. Our KID SERVE = 1 child-sized portion for under 12s or as a smaller adult portion.

How It Works

1.Design Your Subscription: Set and dinner is sorted!

Design dinner that works for your world using our serve options. Choose the number of meals you need, the days you need us to deliver dinner to your door, and customise from our dietary options to create your personalised subscription.

2. We Deliver To Your Door

Here at Village Kitchen, our big focus is on FRESH, which is why we deliver a freshly-made dinner, to your door, EVERY weeknight. Select the days you need us to solve your dinner woes & our delivery team will drop off between 3 and 7pm, ensuring the very best ready-to-heat dinner experience each weeknight.

3. Heat, Eat And Enjoy

Giving you time back & making dinner simple is our mission. Each weeknight your Village Kitchen dinner delivery includes easy instructions on how to heat your meal. No more shopping, preparing or cleaning up – just delicious food to enjoy by simply heating through when you are ready to eat. Our meals are designed to take no more than 20 minutes to heat.

Village Kitchen has truly changed our lives, and in particular our evenings which are now stress-free and nutritious! As a busy family with parents both working full time and busy teenagers with school and sport it has made a huge difference to our lives, so thank you! The variety you serve is beyond what we could even imagine doing ourselves, and the fact you do paleo meals was the X factor that brought us to you.


I think you do a great job. I used to be a very loyal supporter of another company’s cooking required dinner subscription, but now I am working nearly full time, I struggle with all the prep that has to happen after school in between after school activities. I love that your meals arrive ready to pop into the oven and you are so consistent with your delivery times. I also love that your meals are nutritionally great – I see the extra veggies sneaked in there, but the kids either don’t notice or think its yummy anyway.


We enjoyed all last week’s dinners, it’s a fabulous help to me, not only dreaming up what to have, preparation, all the shopping, but also the guilt of firing out the old veggies etc. from the fridge!!!!


We also love your frozen meals – I normally try to ensure we have a couple in the freezer for those occasions when you just run out of time or can’t be bothered to cook